Pipistrelle Press

high-flying wild tales



Pipistrelle Press is a new micropress just getting started.

We’re looking for thrilling and awesome fantasy adventures, humorous and high-flying wild tales, or deft and relatable sci-fi, aimed at children aged 8-12.

We need stories 3000 to 3500 words for our first collection of literature – self-contained universes, quick flights of imagination.

If you’ve got a tightly-plotted story, with engaging characters and fast-paced progression, we want to hear from you. We particularly need unexpected directions and underused concepts. We love griffins, and aeronauts, and dystopias - but can you make compelling monsters of your own? Can you create societies with depth and complexity within a tight wordcount? Can you help our readers see strange things, and grapple with new ideas?

We’re starting off with a tiny budget, and rather lofty plans, but it’s vital to our mission that we give good opportunity and support to the writers we work with. Our mission is to take stories to print, paying advances of £60 against 15% royalties on print sales. And we’re making small books that look gorgeous, that people will really treasure.

If you’ve got some powerful and glorious literature that you think might be a good fit, please get in touch!


Please submit work by Friday 7th June at midnight (the witching hour).

3000-3500 words.

Please send files as .doc or .docx, or if in doubt, in the body of the email.

Double-spacing format is appreciated.

Please send submissions to pipistrelle.press@gmail.com.

It helps us a lot to be notified of simultaneous submissions. Unfortunately, we can’t accept material that’s already been published elsewhere.