Pipistrelle Press

high-flying wild tales



Pipistrelle Press is a new micropress just getting started. In honesty, we’re starting off really micro – pretty much the size of your thumbnail. But we’ve got big plans.

We want positive stories about kids having chaotic adventures in dynamic and interesting new settings. We’ve all read children’s stories set in classrooms and on campsites and at the shopping arcade. At Pipistrelle, we’d like to see adventurers roaming through dense-thicketed forest-cities, or mechanised aeronautical settlements helmed by birds and soaring through clouds over deep canyons. We want to explore caves filled with sparkling stalactites, and meet goblins who welcome us in for tea, rather than eat you for dinner.

We want subversive and surprising literature that doesn’t go quite where you think it will.

We’re not really interested in stories that have lessons or moralistic conclusions. We’re more interested in seeing characters overcoming internal obstacles than facing bullies at school, or feeling bad about the way they look. We want to foster triumph within the hearts of children when they feel sad and excluded - we want to create pure and escapist fantasy to foster that wild self-assurance that comes from feeling seen.

Our work’s for children aged 8-12, who don’t like being talked down to - but are still kids, after all.

Our mission is to take stories to print, paying advances of £60 against 15% royalties on print sales. We’re investigating online hosting for stories to really reach out to our fullest audience - more on that soon.

If you’ve got some powerful and glorious literature that you think might be a good fit for us, please get in touch! See below for technical info.


Our submissions window will be open 15th-31st July!

3000-3500 word short, self-contained stories please - no poetry or comics, or literature from a wider canon

Please send files as .doc or .docx, or in the body of the email.

Double-spacing format is appreciated.

Please send submissions to pipistrelle.press@gmail.com.

It helps us a lot to be notified of simultaneous submissions – we can work with it. Unfortunately, we can’t accept material that’s already been published.