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Pipistrelle Press - a Community Interest Company

Press NewsTabi Joy

As of this week, Pipistrelle Press is an officially-registered community interest company (CIC)!

A CIC is essentially a social enterprise, intended to bring profits back into the business or wider community, and reinvest in a positive way. Our work is centred around celebrating our natural world, helping literacy, and fostering author talent, and we feel that the CIC model is perfect for that mission.

Unlike many other businesses, profits aren’t diverted to owners or shareholders, but to causes that really need the investment. It’s a great model for 21st century change - we believe that if a business can’t contribute actively and positively to the society in which it belongs, it doesn’t have a place in society.

Our environment and our economy can’t sustain corporations taking an excess of wealth and resources without giving back, and this is our contribution to address this. Onward!

Here we are!

Press NewsTabi Joy

Today’s the official beginning of Pipistrelle Press, a new small press for children’s fiction.

We loved getting immersed in new worlds as we were growing up, and we want to help build even more. It’s a beautiful sunny day today, and we’re ready to start changing the world!

We’re doing some admin work before we call out for our first submissions later this week. Keep an eye out for updates as they come in :)