Pipistrelle Press

high-flying wild tales

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to change the world with our work. If you’d like to get involved, or have any questions for us, please get in touch.



How do you carry out your work?

We’ve got big ambitions for Pipistrelle Press, but we’re starting off small and building our way up. We wanted to work with small fiction and hand-made books, so that we can create our brand and back catalogue at a steady pace. We want reliable and sustainable growth, and we want to work with transparent practices that open up to our readership and creates a dialogue.

We’re really excited to work through our ambitions for Pipistrelle, and we hope to create content that does as much good as possible.

What’s your mission?

We love escaping to fantasy worlds in fiction, but it’s hard returning to the real world afterwards. We want to give a new kind of escape. Reading acts as a strategy for managing anxiety - and we donate 10% of each title’s cover price to environmental and wildlife charities so we can spread good even further.

Who are you?

We are Cat and Tabi: former colleagues at a green energy firm, collaborators in caring, and good friends. We wanted to do something fun and proactive to change the world, so here we are now - creating a business that gives back.